Call for Papers

The goal of the VECTOR workshop is to bring together researchers from different fields who are interested in, or already using virtual reality setups for psychological experiments, therapies, trainings, or immersive user experiences. The workshop will be a forum to present and discuss recent results, ongoing work and new technologies. We would also appreciate presentations of software tools and experimental setups.

To provide feedback and to assemble the final program we kindly ask you to submit your contributions until

May 29 June 19, 2016 submission system is closed

Participation in the VECTOR Workshop is free of any fees and the workshop is funded by the Research - Relevance - Responsibility program of the University of Tübingen. We will review your contribution until July 10.

There are different types of contributions, please have a look at the details below. We also suggest some general topics for the contributions, this list is of course not complete, but can inform about the intended scope of the workshop. If you want to hand in a contribution, you can use the submission system at the bottom of the page. Abstracts are restricted to 2000 characters. For further questions, please do not hesitate and drop us a line.


There will be three presentations sessions (see the schedule). Individual slots are scheduled for 15 min of presentation and 5 min of discussion. If you want to present recent results or ongoing research, please send us your abstract via the submission system below. If you are a member of the University of Tübingen, please use the corporate design template for your presentation.


There will be a poster session in the afternoon of the first day (see the schedule). Please send us a brief abstract via the submission system below if you want to present your research ideas or your ongoing work as a poster. If you are a member of the University of Tübingen, please use the corporate design template for your poster.

Workshops / Tutorials

Since the focus of the VECTOR workshop includes practical applications of and sharing experience with virtual reality setups, we appreciate any suggestions for VR related tutorials (have a look at the already planned tutorials). This might include working with certain graphics and game engines, get hands on VR related hardware, or exploring software tools. Demonstrations and tutorial sessions are scheduled for the last day of the workshop. If you want to administrate a session of this kind, please send us an abstract via the submission system below. Please let us also know, where you would like the workshop to take place (some rooms at the venue are available) and what kind of materials you would like to upload to this page (i.e. example scenarios, code, or slides).


You want to give a lab tour, show a new software tool or present an experimental setup you are working on? Than just send us an abstract via the submission system below. Please specify what you want to show and where you would like to do your presentation. We will try to schedule demonstrations in the second workshop slot (see the schedule).


Have a look at the suggested topics: This list is of course not complete, it should just serve as an orientation for possible contributions.

augmented reality

mixed reality

validity of VR setups

hardware limitations




body perception

3D space perception



multisensory integration

cognitive neuroscience

social cognition


peripheral physiology

ambulant therapy

VR exposure therapy

psychiatric disorders

sensorimotor interactions in VR

The submission system is closed.