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TOpics in Psychological

Virtual Reality technologies are becoming mainstream tools, being more accessible than ever before. For psychological research, VR can introduce novel manipulations and unseen experimental innovation. VR allows to explore human behavior and cognition by immersing sensory inputs in multifaceted and controlled ways. The VECTOR workshop will bring both VR experts and enthusiasts together, providing a space for exchange and inspiration.

The workshop will consist of talk and poster sessions, as well as hands-on tutorials on the various implementations of VR. It will be held at the historical University Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Tübingen from July 27th to 29th, 2016.

We are looking forward to welcome you at the VECTOR workshop in Tübingen!

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The Organizing Team
Johannes Lohmann, Philipp Schroeder, Christian Plewnia, Martin Butz


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Keynote Speakers

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Venue and Location

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Tutorials on different topics are planned, have a look here.

Call for Papers

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For the tutorials some Unity3D resources are provided.


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VECTOR invites researchers from the fields of Psychology, Medicine, and Computer Science, to discuss VR, theory and technology, and ongoing research in the respective fields.

We suggest some topics for posters and presentations, have a look at the submission page for details, or click the graph below to explore VECTOR topic highlights.


Besides theoretical discussions, VECTOR will be an opportunity to obtain some practical experience with VR setups. Setting up a 3D scene, including tracker support, visualizing your idea - just try for yourself, i.e., with Unity®, the Oculus Rift or WebGL (example below). Visit our tutorials and get a hand onto the programming yourself.

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